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How to look sexy with your Plus Size Lingerie

How to look sexy with your Plus Size Lingerie

Authored By Christine Fernandez

The feeling that you get when you know you’re wearing a sexy lingerie beneath your regular clothes or just to woo your partner is second to none. Wearing some exotic underwear can give you incredible amounts of confidence while also making you feel good about yourself and your silhouette even if you’re a plus size woman. That’s right-gone are those days when only petite girls were allowed to have some fun with fashion. With styles that have everything for all, read on to know how to rock your plus size lingerie with utmost finesse:


Purchasing lingerie that’s smaller in size will not make you look any slimmer. It’s important you know your measurements as an ill-fitting piece can literally break a look, making your fatter sides bulge out even more. A well- fitting plus size intimate will conceal your negatives and complement the positives while bringing out your inner diva with great poise, charm and self-assurance.


Support and comfort are crucial especially for plus size women-after all your lingerie depends on how you feel on the inside which makes anything you put-on appear good. Thus, stay within these boundaries, but select a cut and style (teddy or just a bra and panty) that makes you feel the sexiest and most confident version of yourself.


Fabrics like satin and silk are perfect for giving you a figure-flattering feel and are amazing for special events when you wish to feel all royal inside out but for regular wear, cotton is honestly your best bet as it’s comfortable and easy to maintain. Prefer something more daring? Sheer mesh, embroidered laces and fishnets are your best friend girlies- they’re super trendy, conceal all that you want to and spice your glam game up.


The hues you wear eventually decide the effect and the mood you’re in and wish to set. You must always know the occasion and the shades that flatter and enhance your features. For a romantic feel, bold shades work wonders, but for something like a sleepover/lingerie/bachelor party with your girls, nothing beats pastels or neutrals. Also remember that it must complement your hair, eye color and complexion for you to look all-the-more dazzling!


No matter what the world says about your body, the most important fact about looking outstanding in a plus size intimate is really your brave mindset. You’ve to feel erotic, confident and in charge of your style and body to showcase those pleasing curves to the world with beauty and have a great sensual experience.



So ladies, whatever your body shape, just embrace and love it with confidence. That’s the key to standout in a racy plus size lingerie.


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